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Danico Brewing Company

Reservations/Special Event Pricing

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Special Event FAQ

  • Can I bring alcohol (beer, liquor, wine, cider, etc.) that is not provided by Danico?

    • You CANNOT consume any outside alcohol within our property, per the regulations governing our liquor license. Gifts of alcohol can be brought on-site but cannot be opened under any circumstance.

  • Can Danico provide special pricing for our group?

    • Generally, this is reserved for full facility buyouts. You can contact our team to discuss options for smaller events, including the pre-purchase of beer tokens.

  • I’d like to decorate the reserved area for my event.

    • Please do not bring any decorations without first contacting Danico management, we will work with you on what can be done.

    • All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of your event, and a cleaning deposit/fee may be charged in advance.

  • Can our group move furniture around to accommodate our needs?

    • Please ask staff if you would like to move tables together, rearrange couches, etc. We will work with you to the best of our ability ensuring we still maintain the egress requirements for our tasting room.

  • Can I bring my own outside food or catering for our event?

    • If you are planning to bring in food/catering please let us know ahead of time, and bring all necessary serving/dining utensils, plates, napkins, etc. An additional cleaning deposit/fee may be required.

  • Can Danico arrange food for our event?

    • You can check our website for the daily food truck options, and we are happy to inquire with scheduled trucks about modifications to their planned serving window to accommodate your group.

    • If you would like to have a food truck for your party outside of what is scheduled for the day, please inquire and we will help you find one – food trucks must be coordinated with us to ensure proper licensing, parking and power accommodations, and on-site timing.

    • Danico does not have licensed facilities on-site for food preparation, heating, or refrigeration.

  • Can we bring in a band, DJ, or other live entertainment?

    • For a private event including live entertainment, please reach out to the Danico team to discuss what you would like to do. Additional fees, up to a full buyout requirement may apply.

  • Can we ensure a particular event is screened on the TV’s while we are there?

    • Let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we can do. For Pay-Per-View events, a commercial public display fee will apply and can be quite costly. For other broadcast events, we will need to evaluate if it is covered by our current plan. Hooking up a laptop/device to display an event not available through the Danico plan will not be allowed.

  • I want to hook up a computer to a TV to display a slideshow, presentation, movie, etc., how does that work? Can I bring my own projector/speakers? Can I play my own music on a Bluetooth speaker?

    • Reach out to our team in advance of your reservation. Non-copyrighted works may be able to be displayed.

    • Any amplified audio outside of Danico’s planned entertainment is generally disallowed without a full facility buyout.


Additional questions? Please contact our team to discuss.

*Pricing is subject to change at any time*



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